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The Board recognizes that good nutrition and regular physical activity affect the health and well-being of the District’s students.  After thorough assessment of our Local School Wellness Policy, Cynthia Pineda, School Superintendent, has determined that our Food Service Program complies with the goals set in an effort to enable students to establish good health and nutrition habits. 

Below are a list of guidelines that the Boyne Falls Public School Food Service Program follows:

1. Salt shakers or individual salt packets are not available to students/customers.
2. Ground beef entrees are prepared with 80/20 quality beef.  Beef is well drained before using in recipes.  If ground turkey or chicken is available it will be substituted for beef in recipes. 
3. Reduced fat dressings used in recipes and condiments. 
4. Only whole wheat bread products used to add fiber to diet, with the exception of pasta.
5. No fried foods used (only baked items).  French fries limited to three times per month. 
6. Fresh fruit, canned fruit in light syrup and fresh vegetables offered daily. 
7. Salad bar offered daily. 
8. Milk available in 1% and skim choices.
9. 100% juice available for students who can’t tolerate milk products. 
10. Breakfast available to all students. 
11. Meals are reasonably priced to encourage students to eat a nutritional meal in place of higher priced ala carte items.
12. Ala carte offerings are minimal.
13. Less common foods are used to expose students to a greater variety of healthy options.