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The Board recognizes that good nutrition and regular physical activity affect the health and wellbeing of the District's students. Moreover, schools can play an important role in the developmental process by which students establish their health and nutrition habits by providing nutritious meals and snacks through the schools' meal programs, by supporting the development of good eating habits, and by promoting increased physical activity both in and out of school.

The board, however, believes this effort to support the students' development of healthy behaviors and habits with regard to eating and exercise cannot be accomplished by the school alone. It will be necessary for not only the staff, but also parents and the public at large to be involved in a community-wide effort to promote, support, and model such healthy behaviors and habits.

The Board sets the following goals in an effort to enable students to establish good health and nutrition habits:

  1. With regard to nutrition education, the District shall:
    1. Include nutrition education in the health curriculum so that instruction is sequential and standard-based and provides students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to lead healthy lives.
  2. With regard to physical activity, the District shall:
    1. Provide a comprehensive physical education program for students in K-12 in accordance with the standards and benchmarks established by the State.
    2. Provide K-12 students with the opportunity to participate regularly in supervised physical activities, either organized or unstructured, intended to maintain physical fitness and to understand the short and long-term benefits of a physically health lifestyle.
  3. With regard to other school-based activities, the District shall:
    1. Provide an attractive and clean environment in which the students eat.

Furthermore, with the objectives of enhancing student health and well-being and reducing childhood obesity, the following guidelines are established:

  1. The food service program shall comply with Federal and State regulations pertaining to the selection, preparation, consumption, and disposal of food and beverages as well as to the fiscal management of the program.
  2. The District shall ensure that reimbursable school meals meet the program requirements and nutrition standards found in Federal regulations.
  3. The food service program will provide all students affordable access to the varied and nutritious foods they need to be healthy and to learn well.

The District may implement other appropriate programs that help create a school environment that conveys consistent wellness messages and is conducive to healthy eating and physical activity.

The superintendent shall implement this policy and measure how well it is being managed and enforced. The superintendent with the input from teachers, parents, students, food service employees, board members, principal, and the public shall develop and implement administrative rules consistent with this policy. The superintendent shall report to the board, a requested, on the District's programs and efforts to meet the purpose and intent of this policy.

The Board designates the Food Service Director as the individual(s) charged with operational responsibility for measuring and evaluating the District's implementation and progress under this policy. The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines necessary to implement this policy.

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